New Program - Human-Nature Alliance/Eco SOS

New Program with Chris Griscom: HUMAN-NATURE ALLIANCE/Eco SOS

Dear Soul Friends,

With great joy and anticipation I invite each and all of you to join me in this new project of HUMAN-NATURE ALLIANCE/ Eco SOS. Its purpose is to use our powerful consciousness to harmonize with nature so as to re-balance our participation with the natural forces that impinge upon Gaia our planet earth. There have always been special people on earth who used their intuitive and spiritual capacities to attune with nature so as to bring rain or sun and influence Nature's elemental forces. Now is the time for us to realize that ALL humans have this potential, and working together with nature we can support our species in concert with the spirit of Nature.

Years ago, I learned from the Hopi the gift of calling the rain. They have been doing this for about four thousand years to dry farm their blue corn; and I began calling the rain in our high desert of New Mexico with the students of my school. With many people all over the world we have been practicing these principles to divert hurricanes, bring rain to areas suffering from drought and even to diminish toxins and radiation.

I realized that the same principle of energy alignment with natural elements works in both directions. You can attract an element or de-manifest it (as in dissolving pollution, radiation, etc). Imagine the great good we can all do on this planet by utilizing these technologies of consciousness.

It is very important to understand that extending our consciousness into a hurricane and changing its direction or force is not a manipulation of nature as was done in the middle-ages, but rather a cooperation with nature in such a way as to protect life and at the same time be in concert with natural forces that are being released by the earth.

Please join me in this great endeavor to see our purpose and potential expressed in a new form of human potential. Simply send your e-mail address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will network any global situations in which we can all extend our consciousness to ease the stress or make things better. This is not a global meditation, as each one of us can participate repeatedly whenever we can.

To give you an example of what we will be doing and the kind of technology of consciousness we will use, I would like to start with a situation occurring at this moment in the Gulf of Mexico. Since around mid-April there has been an oil spill from an offshore oil rig hemorrhaging 42,000 gallons of oil a day. We must stop this pollution of our seas!

You can extend energy to the company, the sea, or the animals. This is how:

Bring the situation into your mind's eye and ask it what frequency of light it needs to come into balance. Whatever color comes into your consciousness, imagine that it comes in through the top of your head, passes down into your stomach or solar plexus and then radiate it out from your solar plexus to the Gulf. Keep sending the light until you feel a shift. That is all you have to do. We live in a world of energy, and light is the fastest most powerful energy in the cosmos. When you send color, you are providing the energy necessary to make the change.

Those of us who have been using this technology of consciousness have been able to feel the joy as a hurricane suddenly changes direction saving untold destruction. Rain has come to drought areas, winds have calmed in wildfire areas, floods have receded, seas have become calm and so much more.

Let us answer to all the Eco SOS calls around the world and become the partners of Nature that we were born to be!

Chris Griscom